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Tiffany & Hugh Blindfold Grant .

Tiffany & Hugh Blindfold Grant - fuck, blonde, vid
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

You can read the excitement written all over Grant’s face when he gets what he thinks is one-on-one time with coed favorite Tiffany. Sure, they have some fun together – but the horny blonde has a lot more fun planned for him!

She gets him blindfolded and invites Hugh into the fun. It doesn’t take long for Grant to figure out something is up, but he’s enjoying it too much to mind. He’s up for Tiffany’s game- and now Hugh’s!

When Hugh slides into the party – he really slides in! Talk about Nirvana! Grant gets an ass-full right as he’s balls’ deep in Tiffany’s mouth. Add the sense deprivation and it’s all he can do to not shoot his load right then and there! He begs to be fucked harder – and Hugh is more than up for the job. Tiffany isn’t done though, not before she gets to experience Grant’s monster cock! Once again Grant is in the middle and absolutely everyone is having one hell of a time! Grant’s cum gets everywhere, but Hugh’s load lands perfectly in Grant’s mouth. After kissing and sucking up some of his load from Grant’s mouth, Hugh thanks Tiffany for her help by giving her a taste as well!

Tiffany & Hugh Blindfold Grant - vid, blonde, fuck Tiffany & Hugh Blindfold Grant
Tiffany & Hugh Blindfold Grant - fuck, blonde, vid Tiffany & Hugh Blindfold Grant.

Tiffany & Hugh Blindfold Grant (vid, fuck, blonde)

Tiffany & Hugh Blindfold Grant




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